Our Objective

We care about the wild and support the foundations that help us accomplish the dream of caring, protecting and serving the wild animals. There are many foundations that rescue the wild animals but we support the right ones. It is our main objective to bring together the rescue groups that help the needy in the time of emergency. Over and all, the care of wild animals and the endangered species is our main motto. We do not make a move to gain popularity rather we joined hands to conserve every single precious life. The rescue groups are making an effort which is a proud moment for the mankind.

Our website provides you all the information about these foundations and you can find more information about them by clicking their links.It is not only the duty of these foundations to save animals, but we all should stand against the animal cruelty. Many foundations are recognized by the government. Some of these are government funded while others work by the donations made by various animal welfare societies.

Animals And The Ecosystem

Animals are part of our ecosystem. Just like flora is important for our survival, animals are also equally important for the completion of the food chain. Without them, the whole food chain will collapse resulting in the end of our Earth. It is our solemn duty to provide reorganization to these foundations so here we have created a platform for all these groups to make public awareness. Television and social media have made the world more compact. We came across various incidences where the animals are treated badly. We completely want to vanish such practices that make these animals suffer. Any of the happenings you come across, you can make a move by referring us.

These foundations facilitate the endangered species and promote their breeding to ensure that the species do not go extinct. We have already lost many species in the past but we will make our best to protect the endangered ones in the present. There are many cases of the victory. With the help and support of these organizations, many species whose number count was less has increased over the years. To make sure that any species does not suffer any medical conditions, time to time vaccinations are provided to the animals that are kept in captivity and in reserves too.

To save our wildlife, every possible effort will be made by our foundations. More and more plants are grown every year to increase the natural habitat for the animals at the sanctuaries. The journey does not end here; it is just beginning of a new chapter, not the ending of previous ones. There is a long way to go and achieve a future where every species live in the habitat suitable for them. It is our motto to remove every species from the list of endangered by healthy breeding and increasing their population.