Two Of The Greatest Wild Animals Parks Are Situated In UK

Howletts Wild Animal Park

Built in the area of ninety acres, Howletts Wild Animal Park is zoo situated near Canterbury, Kent which inhabits the different rescued animals from all over the United Kingdom. There are more than four hundred and fifty species of animals that can be found there. This park has been owned by The John Aspinall Foundation. The basic aim of this park is to develop a sound relationship between the animals and the staff and to breed rare and endangered species from all over the Europe. This park hosts the finest breed of western lowland gorillas in the world. These mammals are native to the Democratic Republic of Congo; these are breed up here by providing the artificial habitat created by the park caretakers.

These animals are adaptable to wetlands and the rain forests. Large swampy forests give protection to the gorillas. As the same habitat was not available at the park, the officials created the same by planting trees and creating forest so that the gorillas could live their life without any issues. This artificially created park also helped the gorillas in safest breeding. Gorillas were killed for their skin and meat in Africa and sold to the zoos for captivity which leads to building up stress in them. This park provided them the protection and best living standards. This also led to building a strong relationship with the animal. The scientific study of gorillas is made possible only because of this park. The park also hosts a great number of elephants and the lion tailed macaques. In the United Kingdom, this park is the largest breeding group of these animals. Howletts Wild Animal Park is committed to one thing, the conservation, breeding, and reintroduction of rare and endangered animals.


Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

Port Lympne Reserve is situated near the town of Hythe in Kent, England. It is setup in a total area of 600 acres. This was designed by architect Sir Herbert Baker during the World War I. The site near Lympne was purchased in 1973 by John Aspinall to solve the lack of space at Howletts Wild Animal Park, and it was opened to the public in 1976. Since 1984 the animal park has been owned and maintained by The John Aspinall Foundation. There are three different zones in this park named as the palace of the apes, which is home to the gorillas, second is the African Adventure, built in the area of hundred acres, which has many African wild animals such as Giraffe, Zebra, Black Rhino, Defassa Waterbuck, Hog Deer, Axis Deer, Roan Antelope, Ostrich, Wildebeest, Red Lechwe, Greater Kudu, Eland, Blackbuck and many more. The third is the Discovery Zone which is home to a pair meerkats, pygmy marmosets, cockroaches, green basilisk lizard, false water cobra, green tree frog, tree python and several species of tortoise and tarantula.

Nature is the best gift of God to us, and we are the guardians of it. We must join hands in hands to protect the wildlife else the day will not be much far when the ecological imbalance would occur, and the food chain will be destroyed. For the better of the human race, we must conserve the forests which host the wild life. It is not only the duty of the rescue groups or these foundations to protect the wild animals, but it is our solemn duty of the whole humankind to conserve them.


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