Clash Royale – A Game That Features Wild Predators

If you watch Animal Planet from time to time, I believe that you are a fan of majestic wild animals. It seems that the developers of Clash Royale are, too, considering that they used them as inspiration for cards in their game. Before jumping to the most used “predator” cards in the game, we would like to introduce you to a CR tool through which you can get those for your deck! The tool is usable online and it’s called: Clash Royale hack (pretty self-explanatory if you ask us). Through it, you can earn gems and unlock chests with no waiting time. Do this until you have a full deck of monsters inspired by the animal kingdom!

Wild Predators That Are Featured In Clash Royale


clash royale bats

You would think that bats are not dangerous, but if you’ve ever had the ‘pleasure’ of them entering your home in the middle of the night, you know how annoying they can be. These wild animals appear in Clash Royale in the form of Bats card, which features five of these flying creatures.

The animation of these wild predators is somewhat cartoonish, but rest assured, the damage they can inflict is more than real. It takes 2 Elixirs to deploy the Bats card in Clash Royale, although the Night Witch can spawn them, too. As expected, they are an aerial unit, and you can use them to counter Valkyrie, Knight,


clash royale dragon

They might not be real wild animals (although Queen Khaleesi might oppose this claim), but these fantasy beasts can come in handy when playing Clash Royale. You can use them in the form of Inferno Dragon and Baby Dragon. Both cards are similar and take 4 Elixirs to deploy.

Although Baby Dragon looks somewhat cuter, it can also deal a hefty amount of damage. In fact, it is a short-ranged aerial troop that is used for dealing area damage. Inferno Dragon is a different predator as it is a target card that focuses on a single opponent. That enables him to increase the damage he can deal over time, meaning that it becomes stronger as the match goes.

Lava Hound

clash royale lava hound

I am keen to assume that the developers used a wolf or a different wild animal for the Lava Hound card than a dog. It’s just that the damage it can deal is severe and earns him a place among predators. You can get the idea of how tough he is just by the fact that you need 7 Elixirs to send him to the battlefield.

Lava Hounds is an excellent mix of wild animals, considering that he has the brutality of a predator, as well as the ability to fly. The downside is that you cannot attack anything but buildings with Lava Hound. However, it is incredibly durable. Even when you destroy it, it will spill into Lava Pups, which can continue dealing damage to the area.


clash royale goblin

Would you place goblins into the wild predators’ category? I had a dilemma, too, but the truth is they are a kind of predators in Clash Royale, considering that they can inflict some serious damage for close range.

There are various goblin cards, and these fantasy beasts learned how to use knives and spears to make the opponents suffer. I suggest you try using the Goblin Barrel, which is a form of spell card used to generate six goblins in random places on the battlefield.

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