Discover The Animal Partners In Clash Royale

The loyalty that animals can show to their human owners and friends is beyond question. It’s no different in Clash Royale, the popular game created by Supercell. In that MOBA, animal partners can be crucial when you are trying to overturn the tide of the battle.

Besides the companions, you can take other tricky ways to make your way to the winning table. You can use an online Clash Royale Hack and generate gems. Through the gems, unlock chests and build the deck of your dreams. After that, upgrade all the monsters in the deck. It is pretty impossible to lose now, isn’t it?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most useful animal partners in Clash Royale.

Hog Rider

clash royale hog rider

It seems that someone in Supercell loves the Hog Rider character. Aside from using it in Clash of Clans, the Finnish development team also included him in the roster of Clash Royale. They haven’t even changed his look, so if you’ve ever played COC, you know what to expect from Hog Rider.

Hog Rider has a dark tan, Mohawk haircut and rides a giant hog. He prefers to use a big warhammer as a weapon of choice, and you can recognize him by his loincloth from brown leather, which is the only thing he wears aside from sandals and a red belt.

The boar that accompanies Hog Rider is among the best animal partners in Clash Royale. The hog is tall about the half of the height of his rider. He learned how to put the boar under control, but he still uses a bridle wrapped around the hog’s tusks.

The biggest advantage Hog Rider has thanks to his animal partner is that he can use it to jump over the walls. It takes four elixir points to deploy this card, but thanks to the unique ability of the boar it can secure you a substantial advantage over the enemy base.

Night Witch

clash royale night witch

She is a darker looking sister of the Witch, and you can notice in her looks that she prefers the night. The Night Witch is more expensive to play than Hog Rider, and that comes with its advantages. Her animal partners of choice are bats.

Each 7 seconds, the Night Witch can summon a couple of bats to help her cause. More precisely, she does that to help your cause of winning the match and getting some sweet rewards. Aside from that, the Night Witch can be useful even after she dies on the battlefield. After her death, she will summon another two bats to the combat. As we mentioned, you can’t compare loyalty that the animal partners can have to their owners. That is exactly what we can see in that example.


clash royale prince

We are used to the Prince being the savior, and he can be just that in Clash Royale. It takes five elixirs to deploy this card, but it can be beneficial. The Prince arrives on his faithful animal partner – a pony. You would think that he needs to come on some beautiful horse, but he chose a pony because they share a special bond. Besides, he can use it to fool the opponents to think he is not dangerous and then destroy them.

He also has a brother called the Dark Prince. Although they have different tastes in clothing, the two share the same affinity for animals. The Dark Prince also rides a pony and the same breed like his brother.

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