Elephants And The Government Ban On Hunting

The Earth hosts millions of species of both plants and animals. The number is increasing every year with an addition of twenty thousand more new discovered species. The replies, amphibians, mammals, Homo sapiens, insects and marine world etc. contribute to the total species of the fauna. They are spread all over the earth with different habitats. Some live in colder regions while other survive in warmer desserts, half of the total species are found in the tropical rainforests of the Africa where the humidity is the most. Every species is adapted to its habitat, and it is very difficult for them to live out of its habitat. The elephant is the largest land animal. They love to live in grasslands. These are very intelligent creatures of nature. They have feelings, and they can discriminate the emotions of humans and other fellow mates.

Elephants are mostly found in the Africa and the Asia. There are three species of elephants found in the world. The weight of a male elephant is seven thousand kilograms. They have a long trunk which is used for breathing, lifting water and holding things etc. they control their body temperature with the help of their large ears. They can communicate by touch, smell and infrasound waves over huge distances. They are excellent swimmers and suitably prefer to live near water resources. They live in groups with the oldest elephant guiding them as the team leader. The elephants can live up to seventy years of age in the wild. The elephants are classified as the endangered species by the INCN because of their decreasing population.

Elephants Location Map

The major threat to them is the loss of habitat and the human interference. The elephants are also killed for their ivory tusks for the trade of ivory. Elephants were used in wars in the past and nowadays to they are used for work in Asia. Elephants are herbivores by nature, and other animals usually stay away from them due to their massive size and weight. Carnivores like lions, tigers, leopards usually hunt the young elephants. Approximately fifteen thousand elephants were found to working in the Asia in the year 2000. They are mostly used for logging trees and tourist riding. Elephants are also kept in captivity and are also shown in zoos and other entertainment purposes. They are very easy to train when captured by the age of ten years.

Various government schemes keep a check on the killing of the elephant for its tusk. In 1950’s the ivory tusk was equally important to people as gold. They killed almost 60% of the population of the elephants for the trade of ivory. The ban proved to be a great boon for elephants, and their population started increasing after the ban. Various NGO’s support the elephant welfare and provide them rescue in time of trouble. The elephants are fragmentized over South Asia and Africa which makes it difficult to keep a check on the entire population, but the best efforts are made to protect them.

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