Why And How We Can Protect The Wildlife

Earth is home to many different species of animals that live on land and in water. Animals live in their groups and natural surroundings suitable for them according to their needs which become their habitat. They depend on their habitats to provide them the protection, shelter, food, and water. But due to natural calamities like floods, droughts, etc. and human activities like deforestation, the natural habitats of the wild animals is depleting. Due to depletion of forests at very high rate, the animals are lacking the space for living, and they have to fight for the food and territory. Such aggressive behaviors among animals lead to the violence.

The n natural deaths, deaths due to fights for territory and flesh and deaths due to human factors such as hunting all combining and lead to decrease in the population of animals. This has resulted in animals being listed on endangered list; in fact, many of the animals have already left the world with no traces of them left over. The extinction of wild animals is not healthy for the food chain and can cause the collapse of the ecosystem. The food chain is the chart of species describing who eats whom. Just imagine if all the lions disappear and the population of deer increase, resulting in a lack of grass for them, would cause the death of many deer due to starvation, or they would fight for their survival.

Protection of wild animals

It is essential for us to protect the wildlife, and provide the animals their natural habitat which is being taken away from them. There should be a ban on deforestation. Forestation should be increased. The government should make the forests restricted sites where the human interference would not be tolerable. By taking such steps, the natural habitat of the wild animals would increase. These all are the responsibilities of the government, but what can we do too on our basis to promote the survival of wild animals? We can join the various wildlife protection Non-Government Organizations and welfare communities. These raise the fund from public and its active members and help the wild life.

They give medical treatment to the injured animals and rescue them in the hours of an emergency. The rescue organizations serve the wild life to the best of its extent and release them back into the wild or the sanctuaries where these animals can live their lives independently. They have their own specially trained security teams and the medical representatives for the treatment of wild animals. The rescue groups can be joined and supported by anyone who is willing to serve the animals. It is the need of the hour of to join hands in hands and support the NGO’s that promotes the welfare of nature and its inhabitants that are wild animals. Our one move to join wild life rescue groups will provide them more funds and thus save more lives. Wild animals are significant for our ecosystem, and we should take every possible step to protect them.

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