Wild Animals Reserves And Sanctuaries

Nature has an abundance of wildlife and plants. They live together with a close relationship. They develop with each other. The plants provide shelter and food to the animals. The animals live in the arms of nature. Due to logging of forests, the resources are not enough for the animals. The animals do not find the shelter to live. Their natural habitat is reducing, and the animals are becoming homeless. They are shifted to the animal reserves and sanctuaries. There are various parks and sanctuaries in the world.

Every country has its regional species in their reserves. They host natural habitat and food to the wild animals. They support the animals during the breeding time. Their population was declining when they were in the forests, but when the animals moved to the reserves, they increased in number. There are many famous parks in India. Jim Corbett National Park and Gir forest national park are the major ones. These are discussed in brief below.

Jim Corbett national park

Jim Corbett was established in 1936 and is the oldest national park in India. It is situated near Nainital in Uttrakhand and has more than six hundred species of fauna living happily. It is located in the marsh grasslands with major lake and river flowing steadily. Unfortunately, it is colder during the winter nights but the days are shiny and comfortable. This reserve is famous for its tiger population. The tigers living in the park are popular for their hunt of large animals like elephants.

Leopards, barking deer, sambar deer, hog deer, chital, sloth, black bears, gorals, langur, and elephants are some of the widespread species of wild animals living in reserve. This park is open to the public throughout the year, and jeep safari is famous among tourists. Every year more than one lakh tourists visit the spot. It is the favorite spot for photography lovers and wild animal lovers.

Gir forest national park

The Gir forest national park is situated in Gujarat with an area of more than fourteen hundred kilometer squares. It is supported by government and many NGO’s. They care for flora and fauna of the park. The park hosts more than five hundred lions. There are 2375 different species of fauna found in the Gir forest national park. This park is home to Asiatic lions. The population of the lions is increasing in the park. This park is the main home to lions in the whole Asia.


The wild animals are an important part of nature. We should not take their natural habitats from them; and also should not keep them in captivity. This tortures the animals mentally, and they get depressed and aggressive. We should support the NGO’s that promote the welfare of the wild animals. Various wild life rescue groups are working across the world that supports and treat the wild animals with proper safety precautions. These rescue groups have saved many lives, and they also help in the good breeding of the wild animals so that their population can be increased.

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