Wild VS. Domestic Animals

We all love animals, some of us even keep them as pets. The popular choice among people among animals as pets is a dog. We mostly see dogs in houses. They are humans’ best friends since ages. Some traces of dogs being kept as pets are found to be thirteen hundred years old. And we have seen dogs in the military too. They are the guardian of a human with natural intelligence. Cats, birds, fishes are other typical examples of pets preferred by society. But one in thousands has adopted exotic pets. The wild cats, monkeys, seals, zebras, horses and many other species of animals are kept as pets too. We all provide love, attention, care, and food to the animals that we keep in our homes. But have you thought of what about the animals that live in the wild? Who takes care of their needs? Who protects them?

Nobody gives them the shelter or food. They made their living. They are dependent on the mother Earth that provides them everything. Summers, winters, rains, floods, droughts, natural calamities, they bare everything. They have the experience of harsh times; they have slept many days without food and water. They know how to survive in such conditions. Their natural habitat that is the forest is everything to them, but humans are cutting them down and taking away their natural homes.

What are the consequences? Have you ever thought! They die of starvation and other causes. Can we live a single night without food and home? Nobody can, they too have their families, which die in front of them, just because of the human interference.  We provide the utmost care for the same animals kept in our houses then why we cannot let them live happily in their habitats?  Why we hunt them for their skin and fur?

Consequences of our careless

If we cannot protect animals then who gave us the right to take away their homes? We are not meant to take away their homes under any condition. Forests are their natural shelter provided to them by nature; we should not take away their homes. We must try to protect their habitat and conserve from further depletion. It is important to save their habitat because nobody can survive without that. Humans also cannot live without their homes, same like animals. They too need resources to fulfill their needs.

Wild animals lack the food; they fight for the flesh and water. We provide everything to our pets, but we take away the only source available to wild animals. Nature provides them natural protection in the forests. They get natural homes; they do not work to make theirs. They get their food from the plants and other animals living in the woods. They do have their territories where they roam freely and happily. Taking away their resources makes them sad, and they suffer because of us only. Wild animals also have feelings like pets; they too need to live, we must not interfere in their habitats and let them live happily.

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