Wildlife is precious, let’s save it togheter!

Our earth is home to a large number of species which include Homo sapiens, flora, and fauna. All plants and animals are an important part of our ecosystem. All birds, reptiles, marine life all are the important part of our food chain. These are all dependent on each other in one or another way. Any depletion in any level of the food chain would result in the collapse of the whole food chain. The famous scientist, Sir Albert Einstein already released an official statement that if only bees disappear from Earth, entire human life will end in just four years. Does the humankind want to take such chance? What can be more important than our survival? Bees, which come under a lower level of the food chain, can cause such havoc then think of the consequences if the upper level of food chain extinct.

Importance of preserving the wildlife

Why do we need to save the wild animals? What is their importance? Why should we make a step towards their preservation? The first primary aspect is we are humans, we the part of this ecosystem. We have managed to develop with nature, not apart from it. It is our duty to protect every single species of both plants and animals as they are a major part of our planet. We have to preserve the endangered species so that we would not lose them permanently.

Have you ever thought what if the dinosaurs were still alive? We do not want our children to just read about the tigers, which is the national animal of India in books only. Like tigers, every wild animal has its importance. To remove animals from the list of endangered, we need to preserve them. Already many species have left the world, and we were not able to do anything except remembering their existence.

And, if we cannot do anything to conserve them then who gave us the right to take their natural habitat from them? Who gave us the right to remove the forests which are their homes, to make our houses? Nobody gave us the right to take their precious lives by hunting them for their skin and fur. We are humans, we have feelings, and then how can we take their lives for the sake of fun? Is it a good idea to keep them in captivities for entertainment?

It not only takes their freedom but also tortures them mentally. The animals kept in zoos do not know how to hunt animals for their flesh. They do not know how to survive in the wildlife, and it abolishes their natural capability to hunt. Animals too have feelings; they perform in the circus not to entertain us but to get their feed. We are indirectly hurting them, does this is what humanity is supposed to do? What if you are kept in captivity for your entire life and made to perform in the circus? We should not commit this crime and raise our voice against animal cruelty. Our one support can save many lives.

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