The Wildlife Rescue Organizations Against The System

Every year the list of endangered animals is increasing, and many species are on the verge of extinction. It is very important to protect the wild animals that are disappearing very rapidly. The wildlife rescue organizations protect the wild animals and treat them with the aim of sending them back to the wild. They treat the animals with the best care and feed them till they recover from the accidents and then safely release them in the forests. These organizations work free of cost without the support of the government. They have special teams to control the actions of the wild animals. There are various wildlife protection groups in every country. They promote the healthy breeding of wild animals in the national parks and sanctuaries too. The wildlife organizations raise funds through the public support and serve the wild animals.

Various animal species has left the world with no traces of their DNA. If such neglecting of wild animals prevails in the society, then many more animals will leave this world by the end of 2020. Indian tigers which have few hundreds of population throughout the world are listed as the endangered species of exotic wild cats. Their breeding is an important milestone to be achieved by the organizations. They help them in breeding and promote their population. The animal welfare groups achieve their task by careful monitoring of the animals under reserved areas where no treat poses to the animals.

Balance The Ecosystem

Next, the question comes what the need for such actions is? Why there is need to save these animals? The answer to such questions is the imbalance of ecosystem. The animals are an important part of the food chain. If any tier of the food chain is removed, the whole food chain will collapse. The end of the food chain would thus finish the entire ecosystem. To protect our Earth, we should not edit the nature. The natural forests which were home to these animals are taken away from them.

Deforestation is the leading cause for the removal of forests and the natural habitat of the animals. The wild animals need the resources to live. These resources are the only source for the wild animals. They are entirely dependent on the forests. The wild animals breed by themselves in their natural homes, but the artificial breed is not possible in such forests.

For this purpose, various artificial parks have been developed where every movement of these animals is recorded and analyzed. Thus, these promote healthy breeding. They leave the animals in the wild and provide time to time attention on their needs. The growth in the population of the animals is significant to protect their species from extinction. The solemn duty of whole humankind is to support the animal welfare groups that promote the rescue of wild animals. Without animals, the world would not exist. They are our natural friends; they need homes too; we should not take away their rights from them and allow them to live their life independently in their natural homes.

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