One Of The Best Animal Parks In UK

Each country has various national parks and sanctuaries for the conservation of their native species. Protection of the species and their natural habitat is the import aspect covered by every constitution. Some of these reserves and parks are open to the public as zoos while other restricts the human entry. There are various natural parks in the United Kingdom where animals are preserved. Howletts Wild Animal Park is zoo situated near Canterbury in Kent. It was set up by Sir John Aspinall in 1957. The animal collection was opened to the public in 1975.

The park is set up in an area of ninety acres and serves as a home for various animal and plant species. The park is most famous for having some of the largest family groups of western lowland gorillas in the world. These gorillas are the natives of African Rain forests. They live in wet, dense forests which protect them from hunting as they are killed for their skin and meat. This park did not have such dense forests; so the officials artificially created the habitat over the years. This park leads to the breeding of the finest species of gorillas in the world. Due to the park only, the relationship between the officials and the gorillas developed and made to possible to study their behavior too. Steve Irwin visited the park in 2004 and titled the park’s gorillas as “the finest in the world”.


More Elephants Than You Can Count

The other majority the park holds is of African elephants. The United Kingdom holds the maximum population of African elephants in the world and most of it is found in the Howletts. This park is the largest breeder of Lion-tailed macaques in the world. The charity that runs Howletts also runs animal conservation programs. It has recent success in releasing a black rhino into the wild. The park is divided into three major parks. The Discovery Zone which is home to a pair meerkats, pygmy marmosets, cockroaches, green basilisk lizard, false water cobra, green tree frog, tree python and several species of tortoise and tarantula. The Palace of the Apes is the home to the gorillas and the African Experience hosts the elephants and the black rhinoceros. Other animals found here are Giraffe, Zebra, Defassa Waterbuck, Hog Deer, Axis Deer, Roan Antelope, Ostrich, Wildebeest, Red Lechwe, Greater Kudu, Eland, and Blackbuck.

Every year a large number of tourists visit the park. The park hosts special rides to the tourists. The children find the park as a source of fun and knowledge. The sights in the park are breathtaking. Due to lack of room in the park, a new site near was purchased by the Foundation. It was named as Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. It is built on six hundred acres housing rare and endangered species of the world. It incorporates the historic mansion and landscaped gardens designed by architect Sir Herbert Baker during the First World War. The Royalty and many other famous people have visited the park. It is the best natural habitat created by humans so far. If you want to read about other parks as well, then you should go here.